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Beyond Wealth was founded by sheer dedication and hardwork of
Mr. Prashant Thakkar & Mrs. ParuL Thakkar. Working in this field since 2002.

Beyond Wealth is a financial advisory firm assisting individuals in achieving their financial goals and peace of mind. In today’s world where people are ready to give free of cost advice it is necessary that you choose the one that works in your interest. You need a professional financial advisor who sees investment from your perspective and that’s exactly what we do.

We offer a wide range of products and services for all.

A Mutual Fund is an investment that pools money from individuals and invests it according to the fund's stated objectives.

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing. You have always given your family the best and there is no reason why they shouldn't get the best in the future too.

Financial Planning is a step by step process that helps an individual to meet his goals of life through proper management of financial resources.

A Fixed Deposit (also known as FD) is a financial instrument provided by banks and corporate firms which provides investors with a higher rate of interest for a specific period of time.